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Article Inspection


AR-assisted article inspection permits users to efficiently assess the quality of goods produced in manufacturing processes, or to assess the condition of assets as part of maintenance. Using model-based object recognition, graphical overlays display the correct or optimal state of objects (as designed or planned) for purposes of comparison with the real world objects.

AR Technologies

AR-assisted article inspection uses any technology for authoring, detection, recognition and rendering. Display options for AR-assisted article inspection can be based on mobile platforms or, if the measurements must be highly precise, using fixed position, laser or visible light measurement systems. The user interface for AR-assisted article inspection can be a mouse and keyboard that are part of a desktop computer, touchscreen or gesture.

Integration of article inspection using Augmented Reality with enterprise resource planning and vendor management and tracking systems is highly desirable.


  • Early detection of discrepancies in articles in comparison with orders or other factors
  • Comparison with latest digital models; lower risk of using out-of-date models
  • Reduced risks of delays and errors in company purchasing or other processes


Quality assurance and field service organizations operating in industries such as automotive & heavy equipment, electronics, defense, aerospace, agriculture, telecommunications, logistics, power & automation, energy & resource, naval engineering.


Quality assurance and field service technicians who manufacture or maintain machinery, equipment, and other products.

Example Scenarios

  • Inspection of drive units before welding on an automobile production line
  • Inspection of cabinetry or any other component produced off-site prior to installation
  • Inspection of curvature of car body parts